You may notice a few changes to the website...  as many of you know, with the current software, we continued to suffer from various hacks that would redirect our users to advertising and worse.  After much head scratching, I finally decided it was time to bite the bullet and upgrade to the latest version of Joomla.  Unfortunately much "manual" work was required- and more remains to do.  The temporary and hopefully permanent result is that we hope to be free from these hacks going forward.  

Here's some of what's left to do, and will be ongoing over the next 2-4 weeks.

  * Add captcha to the registration process to prevent spam users <- Completed.

  * Add captcha to the contact us page to prevent spam emails.  <-- Completed.

  * Get weblinks working again. <- Completed.  (Titles look weird, but otherwise good.)

  * Get little calendar working again. <- PARTIALLY COMPLETE (tool tips difficult to see, still working on that.)

  * Get counter working again <- Under review.  New counter seems high.

  * Add google analytics to the site  <- Completed! 

* Added cookie crumbs <- Completed.  !NEW!

 * Added Facebook link to Magic In The Rockies.  !NEW! <-Completed.

 * Added a gallery component - re-added some old galleries that had disappeared. (Add captions back?)  Resize for the web, or auto size? <- NEW!

 * Fixed issue with login- need cookies error.  <-Completed.

 * Add a "users" menu that adds ability to change profile. <- Completed.

 * Can we add direct video library login after regular login?

 * FB / Twitter Integration?  <- Got some FB working now.  Link to magic in the rockies... share.

 * Changed the date format on the event list to american format. <-Completed.

 * Added a forum!  NEW!  <- Completed.

  * And much, much, more.


Thanks for your patience as we work through the issues.


Byron Ferguson (Web Guy... and sometimes magician.)